Lessons in Rule Breaking

Jessica LaFayette has never been a rule breaker, but when she gets the opportunity to interview renowned artist and notorious party animal, Xander Heaton, she has her work cut out staying on the straight and narrow. This one scoop could give her career the boost it needs, but in order to get him to play ball she’s going to have to face her biggest fear and sit for him as his muse.

Xander needs time away on the beautiful shores of Lake Garda to get his mojo back after cutting reviews of his last exhibition, but spending time with kooky and enigmatic Jess proves to be even more of a lure. She’s buttoned up tight, but he can tell there’s a wild child in there just waiting to get out of those sensible clothes. 

Their time together is meant to be short, but giving each other up is proving to be more of a test than either of them ever anticipated.